The Melon Seed Deli & Frozen Yogurt has created the perfect combination of food and fun, with our delightful slider style sandwiches and tasty frozen yogurt and our unique design and cozy décor.

Come in and enjoy our delicious food. Where everything is prepared fresh daily. From our freshly baked bakery bread, to our thinly sliced deli meats, cheeses, and vegetables. We support local businesses and purchase local ingredients first. Our amazing taste and the remarkable abundance of flavor in each and every sandwich creation combined with our mouth-watering presentation reflects the love we put into every bite and that you can’t find elsewhere.

Want a tasty treat? Tired of being overwhelmed by tons of flavors and toppings, and then being charged outrageous prices? Then come give us a try! We rotate our flavors seasonally and always pick the perfect twist combination. We have a wonderful selection of unique toppings that pair well with our flavors and always tantalize your palette. Our fruits are chopped fresh, every day, and never frozen or canned. We charge by the size and toppings, so there is never a costly surprise at the register.

The Melon Seed is the perfect cozy spot to enjoy a nice lunch or light dinner by yourself or with a group. We provide free WI-FI, excellent customer service and always have the game on.

Don’t feel like going out? Need to feed a crowd? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! We can also cater your event or deliver lunch to your home or office.

The Melon Seed Deli & Frozen Yogurt

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